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There was once a creature name Named Bowser. Just like other creatures, Bowser would wake up, have breakfast, and go experience the world for the day. However, one thing that set him apart from other creatures was his immense size. Bowser wanted to start a new life, away from his own kingdom. 2 days before he would move to New York City, Bowser accidentally ate a large Mega Mushroom, causing him to become an astonishing 5,000 feet tall! A human was barely 1/4 the size of one of Bowser's fingernails. Not wanting to waste a good opportunity, Bowser went to New York anyway. It was obvious that some people were going to riot against him, but Bowser didn't care. He moved to a cave fit for a titan like him(That also had an immense lake for his baths) near the city , and eventually, the citizens got used to his surprising size. As for his needs, while Bowser was stomping around the city to find things that could make his life easier, he found a building for a new company called, "Giant's Needs", a company specifically for creatures larger than life. From tables to food, "Giant's Needs" had everything necessary for Giant Bowser's survival. The employees there were normal sized, but they used giant machines to enlarge and deliver the goods to Bowser's cave. Bowser had been admiring planes since he moved to New York. In fact, looking at planes became his new favorite hobby. However, getting to the best place in the city to watch planes fly by wasn't easy. Since Bowser was 5,000 feet tall, he always had to be careful when stepping foot into the city. On this day, shortly before arriving at the city, Bowser accidentally tripped, fell and scratched himself on both of his elbows and his snout, he also cut himself on the head. However, it didn't stop him from getting to the city. After navigating the city (without stepping on anything or anyone), he would lay down on his giant scaley belly in a secluded area in Manhattan and watch the planes, jets, and helicopters fly by him, carefully keeping his horns from being hit by the flying machines. Fortunately, the citizens knew that Bowser was harmless, even at his immense size. As a result, he was never targeted as a threat to the city and everything was normal. On this day however, he noticed a plane flying by that reminded him of a very special day, when Bowser shrunk himself to human size and got to experience all the wonders of the city, his favorite experience being on the plane. But that day was merely a memory now, but at least Giant Bowser would have the memory in his heart. In the plane, passengers looked out the windows to find Giant Bowser happily watching. At first, some people were scared or confused, but when Bowser noticed the people being afraid, he said, "Hey, don't worry, I won't hurt ya. I might be kinda big, but I'm really harmless." with a warm smile, They were happy that a seemingly monstrous and immense creature could care so much about everyone. Bowser chuckled at the seemingly puny plane and remarked to himself, "I don't care how small something may be to me, because everything in this world has its own purpose". After saying that, Bowser gave one more chuckle as he smiled. The sun began to set. Bowser yawned as loud as a train horn as he sat up and stretched his large arms to the sky. "Well, I guess I should rest up for now. Good night, citizens of New York!" he proudly announced as he got up to his feet and happily waved at onlookers below and gave a big smile. Then, Giant Bowser carefully stomped his way through Manhattan to his cave. Inside the cave was the most marvelous place anyone has ever seen. Bowser went to the cave's wall and lied on it. Then, he dozed off to sleep, ready for another day of planegazing tomorrow. As he slept, Bowser thought about how convenient it was to tower everyone. But, he knew he would only use his size for good. He could be a towering police officer and could catch and surprise crooks easily with his monstrous size, but then again, he could destroy the city with this job by running after the criminals. Not wanting to complicate the subject, Bowser quickly just dreamed of using his immense size and strength for good in any way possible.

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